NEA presents; THE MORPHABLE MAN (feature)

Trailer for upcoming interactive feature film that uses the power of NEA app.


A fully interactive feature film that explores the capabilities of NEA app and how large scale audiences can be engaged throu interactive story telling. Depending on the music you choose as the soundtrack of the film using NEA app, the VFX of each of our main character transformations will change, as well as the intention, color correction and editing of the entire film, creating a completly new interactive experience, thanks to the power of musical tastes.


How many times you've been transformed by love?


We've all got problems, right? But I'm sure none of them involve involuntarily morphing into different objects from LEGOs to barbed wire.


So spare a thought for Adio, a young man who has this emotionally triggered shape shifting problem. He looses his parents, Carmen & Hugo a Mexican Regional music duo, by a mysterious stage accident, finding himself all alone at a very young age. Scared to be treated as a freak, he's spent a lifetime trying to control this "condition" with the use of anti-depressants.


After 25 years of living a sedated but "common" life as a music journalist, he will meet Sophie, a beautiful and enigmatic singer. Meeting her will be the beginning of all his problems, as he falls head over heels in love, he also falls hopelessly out of control.


He can’t hide his emotions any more and morphs in public at any time, becoming the “freak” he was so afraid of and an internet sensation, but Sophie will encourage him to accept what he really is. She will be a sort of mirror to Adio's problem, both of them trying to hide their own secrets; he is afraid of everyone discovering she is the girl of a famous sex tape that her ex boyfriend released in her teens.


Adio has to get used to modernity (cellphones, youtube, social media), get over his phobia for music and overcome his own unique problem to win Sophie over, if he doesn't want to end up depressed in the shape of a street mattress next to a homeless.


Director: Jonathan Ostos Yaber
Producer: Luba Ramirez
Cinematography: Felipe Pérez-Burchard
Sound: Rodolfo Romero
VFX Supervisor: Mark Zepeda
Animation: Roberto Silva
VFX Company: Cluster
Compositing: Eduardo Campero
Production Company: Come Sesos

Technique: Live Action with VFX

Romantic Comedy - Late coming of age

Run time: 90 min

Year: 2015

Status: Financing


Project developed during Binger Film Lab 2011 - 2012



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