Director: Jonathan Ostos Yaber
Producer: Corinna Martínez
Cinematography: Alonso Mejía
Sound: Rodolfo Romero
VFX Supervisor: Mark Zepeda
Animation: Roberto Silva
VFX Company: Cluster
Production Company: Come Sesos / Contenido Neto

Technique: Live Action with VFX

Romantic Comedy - Fantasy

Run time: 90 min

Year: 2015

Status: Financing


Project developed during Binger Film Lab 2011 - 2012





How many times you've been transformed by love?




A young man has spent a lifetime trying to control an involuntarily morphing ability that makes him turn into objects, from bubbles to barbed wire. Until he meets the girl that will make him go out of control. High Fidelity meets Ted, meets Garden State.




We've all got problems, right? But I'm sure none of them involve involuntarily morphing into different objects from LEGO pieces to barbed wire.

So spare a thought for Adio, a young man who has this emotionally triggered shape shifting condition. He looses his parents, Carmen & Hugo a Mexican Regional music duo, by a mysterious stage accident, finding himself all alone at a very young age. Scared to be treated as a freak he runs away from his own country and has to spend a lifetime trying to control this "condition" with the use of anti-depressants.


After 25 years of living a sedated but "common" life, established in Los Angeles California, hidden behind a desk as the copy guy in "Soundz" music magazine, one day he has to face bigger responsibilities. As Simon Voldman, his clueless old school editor, commends him to do his first story assignment for the magazine, about "New Music Talent". This challenge leaves him terrified and especially for having to socialize with strangers, something he has always avoided. In his search for "New talent" in the city, he will meet Sophie, a beautiful and enigmatic singer. Meeting her will be the beginning of all his problems, as he falls head over heels in love, he also falls hopelessly out of control.


He can’t hide his emotions any more and morphs in public at any time, becoming the “freak” he was so afraid of and an internet sensation, but Sophie will encourage him to accept what he really is. She will be a sort of mirror to Adio's problem, both of them trying to hide their own secrets; she is afraid of everyone discovering she is the girl of a famous 90's French video of a failed singer with drug abuse problems and a sex tape.


Along with his best friend Joel and his relationship with Sophie, Adio will learn what being an adult, in the age of social media, is all about, the immediacy of news and discover if indeed society is prepared to live next to people with "special" abilities.


Will Adio overcome his social awkwardness, an increasing cynical music industry and his own unique problems to win Sophie over, or will he turn in to an abandoned street mattress?




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