Title:The Morphable Man
Duration: 95 min
Expected shooting start: Spring 2016
Director & Writer: Jonathan Ostos Yaber

Production Company: Morphable Studios

Producer: Victor Shuchleib
Co-Producer: Yemile Bucay
Sound Designer: Rodolfo Romero

Sound: 7.1 Atmos
VFX: Maliarts - Pablo Calvillo
Format: 4k (ALEXA with Leica Summilux-C lenses) 
Technique: Live Action with digital VFX
Budget: $5 MM



Official Selection Co-Production Forum Raindance 2015

Presented at Fantastic Market during Fantastic Fest 2015

Project developed during Binger Film Lab 2011 - 2012






How many times have you been transformed by love?


He is not a superhero, just wants to fall in love.




Adio, a young Mexican who lives in Austin, TX, working as a copy editor of "Soundz" Music Magazine, has spent his life trying to control, with the use of anti-depressants, a unique condition that makes him transform into random objects, from bubbles to barbed wire, depending on his emotional state. One day he has to leave the safe walls of his office, in order to search for new musical talent around the city. In his search he meets Sophie, a mysterious, beautiful singer that will make him fall in love and hopelessly out of control.




We've all got problems, but I'm sure none of them involve involuntarily morphing into different objects from LEGO pieces to barbed wire. So spare a thought for Adio, a young man who has a condition that causes him to shape shift as a reaction to his emotional state. He lost his parents, Carmen & Hugo, a Mexican Regional music duo, by a mysterious stage accident, and has found himself all alone since a very young age.Afraid of being treated as a freak he runs away from his own country (Mexico) and spends his life trying to control this "condition" with the use of anti-depressants.

After 25 years of living a sedated but ordinary life in Austin,TX, hidden behind a desk as the copy guy in "Soundz" music magazine, one day he has to face bigger responsibilities. As Simon Voldman, his clueless old school editor, gives him his first assignment for the magazine about "New Music Talent".This challenge which involves having to socialize with strangers, something he has always avoided, leaves him terrified. In his search for "New Talent" in the city, he meets Sophia, a beautiful and enigmatic singer, who has also been running from her past. Meeting her will be the beginning of all his problems, as he falls head over heels in love, he also falls hopelessly out of control.


He can’t hide his emotions any more and starts morphing in public all the time becoming the “freak” he was so afraid of and an internet sensation, but Sophie will encourage him to accept what he really is. She will be a sort of mirror to Adio's problem, as both of them try to hide their own secrets; she is afraid of everyone discovering she is the girl of a famous 90's French video of a failed singer with drug abuse problems and a sex tape.

Through his best friend Joel and his relationship with Sophie, Adio will learn what being an adult, in the age of social media, is all about.


Will Adio overcome his clueless boss, an increasing cynical music industry and his own unique problems to win Sophie over? Or he will end up as an abandoned street mattress in an alley?




It does not end in a simple feature film. Before the film is completed, we will launch a Youtube channel together with a website and all the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) where you can spot through the eyes of 2 nosy onlookers each of our main character's transformations, from bubbles to a disco ball, as a way to expand the Morphable story and build a bigger audience before the film premieres in a major film festival.

This will be possible with the help of a new app we are developing that depending on the song you choose for each scene, the transformations of our main character will be different, example; Pop Song - Bubbles, Punk Song - Spikes, and so on.

NEA is short for Never Ending App which we are developing to create a unique experience mixing 3 areas; music + film + interactive

Imagine a film that can transform itself every time you watch it with different music.
With this app you will be able to watch films that transform and change their narrative structure, character decisions, editing, color correction, environments and even backgrounds to have a new kind of never ending experience.

And the best part is that you won't have to choose every step of the process like a video game, you will have the chance to sit back and enjoy the film because your music choices or the band who is playing live in front of you will decide what's next in the story.




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